5 Games Stardew Valley Fans NEED to Play
5 Games Stardew Valley Fans NEED to Play

If you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough of Stardew Valley. I’ve spent countless hours playing that game and I’m always looking for ways to scratch that itch. If you’re on the lookout for more games like Stardew Valley, here are a few that should be right up your alley for the Nintendo Switch.

Moonlighter – Merchant Sim / Roguelike/lite

Moonlighter is one of my personal favorites. It’s similar to Stardew Valley in that it’s a relaxing farming simulator with a bit of dungeon crawling thrown in for good measure. You play as Will, an intrepid shopkeeper who dreams of becoming a hero. When not running his shop, he explores dungeons in search of loot to sell. It’s a fun and addicting game that’ll keep you busy for hours on end.

The game itself is pretty challenging, and there’s various weapon types for different playstyles. I personally use the Bow with sword/shield combo because I’m terrified to take hits, haha. Its a rewarding experience for long term play with procedural dungeons, new monster types depending on the dungeon you’re in, and a wonderful soundtrack. (Currently playing this, haven’t beat it yet.)

Dragon Quest Builders 1 – 2

Dragon Quest Builders is another great option for Stardew Valley fans. It’s a bit more combat-heavy than Stardew Valley, but it still has that same sense of relaxation and exploration. In Dragon Quest Builders, you play as a builder who must help rebuild the world after it was destroyed by the evil Hargon. You’ll gather materials, build structures, and defeat monsters as you work to restore the world to its former glory.

I’ve played this one for a good handful of hours. It combines the likes of Minecraft/portal knights into the world of Dragon Quest with the light hearted monsters and joyous heroes and the loved anime/art style we all enjoy. A great pick up if you love to build and interact with NPCs while whacking away at skele’s.


Animal Crossing: New Horizon

If you’re looking for a more lighthearted game, Animal Crossing: New Horizon is a great choice. In Animal Crossing, you play as the mayor of a small town full of anthropomorphic animals. Your job is to make your town the best it can be by building public works projects, decorating your town, and helping out your animal neighbors.

There’s tons of hours in this game to spend. The hardest part about this game is figuring out which neighbors to keep. Some are notoriously hated, and kicking them out can make you feel downright guilty – or if you’re like me, its a good day. Get off my island Eagle man. Anyway, you’ll spend weeks in this game catching up on real time events from holidays and decorating your island. While there is no dungeon combat system like in stardew valley, the simulation of your own island has its merits. If farming was your favorite part of stardew, you’ll enjoy some Animal Crossing.

Harvest Moon: One World

Overall, Harvest Moon – One World on Nintendo Switch is a great choice for simulation fans looking for their next fix.

There are many games out there that harvest moon one world could be compared too but for the sake of this blog post, we will focus on how it differs from Stardew Valley. For starters, the map in harvest moon one world is significantly larger. There are also way more animals to interact with and the game does a great job of simulating their behavior. Another big difference is that you are not the only human on your island. In fact, there are many other people living on your island that you can interact with. You can even get married and have kids! The possibilities in this game are nearly endless.


So if you’re looking for your next favorite simulation game, be sure to check out Harvest Moon – One World on Nintendo Switch! You won’t be disappointed.

Haunted Chocolatier – A new Concerned Ape title; coming soon.

Stardew Valley was one of the most successful indie games of recent years, and now its creator is working on a follow-up called Haunted Chocolatier. While early gameplay suggests a PC release, we can are making the assumption of its possible success to return the title to other platforms similar to how Stardew Valley appeared on the switch.

Haunted Chocolatier is a spooky adventure game with similarities to Stardew Valley. You’ll explore haunted locations, collect materials, and craft delicious treats. Currently no release date, but we had to list it because its clearly going to give the same level of enjoyment as its predecessor.

If you’re a fan of Stardew Valley, then you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on Haunted Chocolatier. It’s shaping up to be another amazing game from Concerned Ape. We can’t wait to play it and of course you can pick up a copy from us here at Gamers HQ.

In Conclusion

Which games do you think people who played stardew valley would love that we missed? We hope you enjoyed our list of recommendations. If you want to try any of these games titles link to our website where you can buy them directly from GamersHQ.com!

While some of these titles have digital versions, we have many of them available used and can be shipped anywhere in the US.


Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Dragon Quest Builders 1 – 2

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