Roadmap Release - new shop front
Roadmap Release – new shop front

Hey everyone, if you’re reading this you’ve found our development roadmap. The goal is sort of a way for me to keep track with what’s being made, and hopefully get feedback as we go along. There is a lot of work to be done to get the online gamers HQ up to our standards and as a one man band, its pretty difficult! To ease that difficulty we are creating an open area to discuss changes.

At the time of this post, you will have noticed a new gamershq.com/shop front end. This new design is modular where we can display more information about a game and get better options for our community. Please, on any posts we make feel free to leave comments as they really help me out to find bugs, fix design issues and so on.

In terms of this post, Im going to go ahead and keep it brief after this point to just say here is a list of a few things we are working on. Please let us know if there is something you’d like to see.

  • Shop front is done, but all other pages regarding the shopping experience have not been done. So checkout, product pages, search systems, genre filtering, recommended games and so on are still being redesigned.
  • Account pages will become profile pages where you can talk to other members, send messages back and forth, share curated lists, and even build collection lists of games you’ve purchased.
  • Wishlisting has 2 variations. There is a whole system of building a list, as well the ability to add an item from the shop to your wishlist directly that will be coming.
  • Trading online for anyone outside of town will soon be polished. Its pretty primitive right now as we are just testing the waters, but the goal is to build something totally unique.
  • Trade prices will soon be online. In the new shop you can see a trade button on each item. When you click that button, it will eventually take you to the trade values screen which will mirror the shop page but displaying cash/credit trade values.
  • Community Forum – something ive been passionate about for a while that has been put on the back burner is a reddit liek thread system for our users to discuss gaming. Each user who meets a certain condition will be able to write in our community section and be spot lighted on the HQ page. This is sort of a log term goal of mine to be able to dive back into the community online, but as you can see my to do list is pretty heavy so I dont know when I’ll get to this point. Haha.
  • Twitch Affiliation is something we really want to do for our local streaming community. Currently there is a system in place to supply store credit (a solid amount) via affiliate link for twitch streamers. We want to really up the ante on this and create a nice local niche of collaborators embedded directly into tools we build here on site.
  • Tournaments/Events will be returning soon. If you’re familiar with our recent posting to find an event manager, this has been resolved and soon we will be shooting out some pretty great stuff in this department. For competitive things, we want to create a team area where users can build a team and keep up with their stats for events they participate in. This will come after we relaunch events and things and smooth them out a bit more.

Thanks for reading. I know i’ll be screaming into the echo chamber starting out on this, but for the handful of people stop in to appreciate the things coming out – thanks!


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