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Upcoming GamersHQ Changes – Leaderboards
With us getting in a new guy, and Gamers HQ...
Another Cyberpunk title on the horizon
Cyberpunk 2077 is on its way, according to CD Projekt...
Call of Duty edges closer to possible Xbox Exclusive
The call of duty community has been in a frenzy...

The Roadmap (Currently)

This page is a public display of upcoming features and changes to Gamers HQ. It’s a way to see what we have going on, and where we are in the timeline of getting things out. In terms of development, we only have a single person working on all of it and felt this was a great way to keep people in the loop and even talk about or comment on changes while we keep Ryan chained up in our basement! 🙂

In Development
New Buy & Trade System
The new Buy/Trade system will allow you to vigorously browse based on niche filters to build curated lists as well to click a single button to get trade information and even fill out online trading forms with that click. Includes an entire new checkout and product display experience.

This has been a difficult setup as we have to find new and interesting ways to communicate with our online inventory as well our in store inventory. The goal is to sync them together entirely, and at this point everything except store credit will be communicating from shop to website. 🙂
In Development
In Development
Sales & Featured items
With a new shop experience, comes a new way to experience Gamers HQ in general. Expect weekly deals, and special celebrations of favorite developers, days of the week, and more.
In Development
Planning Stage
User Accounts/Profiles
We currently have a primitive account area. See things like recent purchases and so on as you would expect from a store online. However with the new online shop, we are completely revamping everything.

We want our community to be able to build a unique profile that displays all their gamers information, and even build lists of collections and wishlists can be built and shared across all social media platforms to display your physical gaming library.

Update user avatars, earn store credit for leaving reviews on games and other activities to get free games, display when you go live on twitch or other social media platforms and more.
Planning Stage
Planning Stage
Community Threads
Something Im pretty passionate about and excited for is implementing a community area on site. A unique blog space that funnels everyones content into a reddit style fashion to build rep, points, and cross it over into your streaming platforms.

Long term we want to integrate this into our goals with local streamers, but we want this to become a space for anyone who enjoys creating content such as game reviews, lets plays, debates and more in the gaming space.

We'll be finding new ways including possibly store credit and HQ merch for this system as well as we spotlight things and find cool stories being told. This is a primitive explanation of this tool, so more on it later as we get closer.
Planning Stage
In Discussion
Lounge & Tournament Integrations
The gaming lounge being consoles, there isnt a way for us to connect them to something cool that we have found quite yet.

Our goal with this, is to take the booking system we have online as a way to create this fix. Basically, when you have an account and book the gaming lounge you can choose to display your station in your profile.
From there people can view the current stations, the stations gamer tags, and which users are on them so they can coordinate and meetup for events.

Using this same sync system, we want to coordinate tournament integration to the lounge to build points and leaderboards as well custom achievements we build as mini-challenges for our community to come in and claim high scores.

Of course, you can opt in and out of this feature when it becomes available.
In Discussion
In Discussion
Twitch & Streamer Affiliations
We currently have an affiliate system that provides a hefty store credit amount when someone purchases a game above 20 bucks on our website that we plan to provide to streamers.

We want to re-evaluate this system however for local streamers to create a larger collective and help integrate their goals with tools on our website. Such as live notifications, the community threads, user profiles and more.

We think content creators are super important to the game ecosystem nd want to do our part as a core gaming hub to assist with this. We don't have much details to provide here just yet.
In Discussion
More will be added im sure as we go through the timeline.