Trivia Night in the Lounge!

Trivia Night in the Lounge!

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It’s Gaming Trivia Time at the HQ! We’ll be moving the entire store around to prepare 10 teams of 3 to face off in gaming trivia knowledge.
Entry is only $3 per person. $2 per ticket will be divided to the top three teams.
1st – 60%
2nd – 30%
3rd – 10%
BRING A WRITING PEN/PENCIL! No phones or devices to cheat for your answers. Communicate with your team for the best results and just have fun!
Our Trivia Format is as follows:

Every normal round will have 5 themed questions which will be asked at once. They will also be displayed on screen.
Each round, your team will set a “wager” on what they think their answer is worth. You will have 5 total wagers to give in normal rounds. The wager value for normal rounds are:
– two 5 point wagers.
– two 7 point wagers.
– one 10 point wager.
Totaling five wager option to spend on your answers each round.
You will have to decide which of the 5 answers you give per round is worth betting which wager. The more sure of an answer you are, the higher you should wager.
You will turn in all five answers before the time runs out for each round.

There are multiple round types, totaling 35 questions. All are timed by music. When the music runs out the round is over and you must turn in your list of answers.
Questions will be also displayed on screen.
6 Normal Rounds.
– 5 questions each.
– two 5 point wager, two 7 point wagers, one 10 point wager totaling 5 wagers you can use total (1 wager per question. You cannot repeat a wager once you’ve used them all in that round.)
1 Halftime round (after 3 normal rounds).
– No wagering.
– Instead, you will name five of something. You will get 7 points for each correct answer.
1 Bonus Round
– 3 questions, all have multiple answers.
– correct answers are worth 7 points.
– If your team has an answer that no one else used, it’s worth 10 points.
1 Final Round
– 1 wager, you can wager anything from 0-50 points.
– The most difficult question 😉
In the event of a Tie a tiebreaker question will be asked.
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