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Start a riot in your living room. Picture this: the Corporation, a sinister power-mad organization, takes control of your country and is attempting to liquidate opposition to authority.

Suddenly, an underground rebel movement has formed, inciting the general public to protest in the name of freedom. A state of emergency has been declared. Now it is time to fight the good fight using hand-to-hand combat, over-the-top weapons and anything you can find on the street. You can choose from two completely different styles of gameplay-either try to topple the Corporation or simply cause complete chaos. You have an extensive (and we do mean extensive) collection of hand-to-hand fighting moves and tons of super-destructive weapons at your disposal. Choose from among 5 rebels, each with different strengths and psychological issues to work out. Why, you can even pick up stray bricks off the street to fight if you want to. Corporation death squads or ruthless gangs; fight them all to protect your rights!

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