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Power up and build the ultimate version of your favorite DC legends in INJUSTICE 2.

With a massive selection of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains, INJUSTICE 2 allows you to equip every iconic character with unique and powerful gear earned throughout the game. Experience an unprecedented level of control over how your favorite characters look, how they fight, and how they develop across a huge variety of game modes. This is your super Hero. Your Journey. Your Injustice.

Of Gods, Monsters, And Precious Loot
by Andrew Reiner

A sequel that offers enhanced combat, a silly (but action-packed) story, and collectible loot galore

Few details are spared as the titans clash and the world is destroyed around them, even in the little things like lip-syncing. The only real oddity: What’s up with Superman’s new costume?

The amount of character chatter for matches is mighty impressive. You even hear characters comment on confronting themselves, or have a special saying or two for their arch nemeses

Little enhancements to speed and evasive maneuvers create a more fluid and dynamic combat experience

A deep game that hits hard in three key areas: fighting, story, and collecting


The Caped Crusader and the billionaire. The last survivor of Krypton and the reporter. Most of DC Comics’ heroes lead double lives, all in an attempt to blend into society as seemingly ordinary people who don capes and masks when trouble arises. NetherRealm Studios’ 2013 fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us also balanced duality, finding success as a fun fighting experience coupled with a popular story. Injustice 2 once again delivers knockout blows with its super-powered story and fighting, but finds a third way to entertain through an addictive collecting component.

Injustice 2 doesn’t reach the same level of narrative intrigue as its predecessor, but remains enjoyable for an entirely different reason. Although penned as a direct continuation to the original game and comic series, no moment is as shocking as Superman ripping out the Joker’s heart; the tone also isn’t as dark. This sequel instead takes the more clichéd angle of uniting heroes and villains to stop an intergalactic threat. Brainiac, a space traveler intent on destroying Earth, can control anyone’s will, and has forged his own army of familiar faces. The lurking fear of Superman being freed from his prison is a nice plot thread that adds a layer of uncertainty to the arc, but almost every sequence boils down to “everyone fights everyone.”

NetherRealm delivers dumb fun in this story, which unfolds through lengthy sequences filled with epic fights, witty banter, and layer upon layer of fan service. The level of detail in the character models is impressive, as is the framing of the action – particularly in a sequence that pits The Flash against Reverse Flash. The story is as much fun to watch as the game is to play, maintaining a bombastic assault on the senses from start to finish. You won’t find much to think about in this narrative other than if Green Arrow’s dad jokes could be any worse, but that’s part of its charm – this experience focuses on the powers of the heroes more than what’s going on inside of their heads.

The fighting is once again a ridiculous show of power. At any given second a hero could be punched through a pyramid, thrown into space, or mauled by Harley Quinn’s hyenas. This level of brutality is nothing new for Injustice, but the dancing that occurs between these catastrophic strikes is faster than before, and offers a higher level of strategy. The small touch of increasing the walking speed of each character goes a long way in removing the somewhat slow spacing game between opponents. Matches rarely have lulls, and players have more opportunities to turn the tables on their opponents thanks to the inclusion of aerial recoveries that allow you to pop out of juggle combos, and evasive rolls that can give you distance or close the gap quickly.

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Injustice 2 is the super-powered sequel to the hit game Injustice: Gods Among Us that allows players to build and power up the ultimate version of their favorite DC characters. Featuring a massive selection of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains, players can personalize iconic DC characters with unique and powerful gear earned throughout the game. Additionally, for the first time, gamers can take control of how their characters look, fight and develop across a variety of game modes.

Injustice 2 expands on the previous title’s larger-than-life showdowns. With every match, players earn gear to equip, customize and level-up their favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains that meaningfully impacts not only how they look, but also how they fight.

Players can choose from the biggest DC roster ever offered in a fighting game, from classic fan favorites such as Batman, Superman, Supergirl, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle, to astonishing new villains like Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd and Deadshot.

Injustice 2 continues the story set in motion in Injustice: Gods Among Us as Batman and his allies work towards putting the pieces of society back together, but struggle against those who would restore Superman’s Regime. In the midst of this chaos, a new threat appears that will put Earth’s very existence at risk.

Developers of the best-selling and critically acclaimed Mortal Kombat franchise, NetherRealm Studios brings unrivaled storytelling, robust content, and best-in-class fighting mechanics to the DC Universe.

THERE ARE LINES WE DON’T CROSS.Even after he’s been exposed to the world as Batman, Bruce Wayne keeps his vow to avenge his parents’ death by fighting for justice. He refuses to execute his enemies, believing that once he crosses that line, he’s no better than the cowards he battles.

THE WORLD’S CHANGED SINCE METROPOLIS.After the fall of the Regime, Superman now remains a permanent resident of a prison built to contain and suppress the man of steel. Still grieving the loss of Lois and their unborn son, Superman maintains that peace can only be achieved through subjugation — But as a new threat looms, can old enemies forge new alliances?

DID I MENTION I’M AN AMAZON!An exiled sister of Themyscira, Wonder Woman remains in hiding after the fall of the Regime. Still an ardent believer of Superman and his rule, Wonder Woman awaits her opportunity to strike back against Batman and free Superman from his imprisonment.

I PUNCH ABOVE MY WEIGHT.As a child Kara Zor-El witnessed the devastation of Krypton before she was sent to Earth on a mission to protect her infant cousin, Kal-El. Arriving on Earth decades too late, she discovered that grown-up Kal has been imprisoned. Still determined to protect her family, and its legacy, Kara will fight her cousin’s enemies as Supergirl.

MY DUTY IS TO ATLANTIS.The Atlantean ruler has isolated his kingdom from the surface world’s affairs after a punishing defeat during the fall of Superman’s Regime. However his determination to keep Atlantis’ independence may cost him, as new threats rise can Aquaman swallow his pride to protect his people?

OUR HELLISH HATE WILL BURN YOU ALL!Red Lantern Atrocitus seeks revenge against all members of the Sinestro Corps for their murderous oppression of his homeworld. His hate blazes a path across the galaxy leading him to Earth. Sensing an opportunity on the post Regime planet, Atrocitus focuses on bolstering the Red Lanterns ranks by stoking the flames of rage.

GIVE INTO GRODD!Telepathic brute, Gorilla Grodd, has long sought to prove his peerless genius by subjugating mankind. He’s gone so far as to form an anti-Justice League, the Society, to once and for all smash their opposition. Using his intellect and telepathy Grodd enlists others in his mission to conquer the planet and fill void of power left by Superman’s Regime.

GOOD THING WE’RE PROFESSIONALS.Floyd Lawton is “the” human arsenal, his aim lethal from any range. Having escaped imprisonment during the Regime, he now enters the fray as an expert assassin for hire, forced to contend with the fact that Grodd has come into possession of the detonator to the Personal Explosive Device implanted in his head.

READY FOR SOME SLAPSTICK?Since the fall of the Regime, Harley Quinn has found little solace in the incarceration of Superman. Still feeling a tremendous void left by Joker’s death, Harley remains an unstable and uneasy ally. Resolute in her conviction, she refuses to let fugitives, assassins, or even criminals she once called friends stand in the way of her exacting revenge upon the man who silenced the Joker’s laugh.

ALL DAY I’VE BEEN REMINDED HOW I FAILED TO BE A HERO.Once known as the fastest man alive, Barry Allen has hung up his boots in public shame after defecting from the Regime. However as a new enemy threatens the innocent, the Flash returns to action, determined to redeem himself.

I’M READY TO LEVEL UP.Jaime Reyes sought Batman’s help in learning to use the Scarab, an alien weapon of mass destruction bonded to his spine. Although the Scarab could pose a deadly threat to the entire planet, kindhearted Jaime is determined to protect people, wary of the corruptive influence of great power he witnessed under the Regime.

“HATE IS THE PERENNIAL MOTIVATOR.”After Superman’s defeat, Bane was betrayed by the Regime and relentlessly pursued by Batman. Having already spent most of his life in prison, he is determined to take revenge against his former Regime masters and turn Gotham into a city where his rule is law.

“I HAVE NO MORE FRIENDS, ALL I HAVE IS THE GREEN.”Dr. Pamela Isley was once an innovative, radical botanical biochemist with a singular goal: make the world safe for plant life to flourish. She joins the Society to further their common interest in bringing mankind to its knees, but at heart, Ivy’s desire is to ensure that in any new world order, flora dominates fauna.
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