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As Ethan Thomas, the unstable and disgraced Serial Crimes Unit investigator, players will facehorrifying enemies and endless heart-stopping surprises in the shadows of a strange and sinisterworld.

Players will utilize a new set of high-tech forensic tools and fight off violent enemies onthe perilous hunt for Ethan’s missing partner. Ethan will need to use anything and everything inthe environment to survive as he unravels the mysteries shrouding the city in darkness.

BRUTAL IN-YOUR-FACE COMBAT with brand new vicious combo attacks andover-the-top finishing moves. Bare-fisted combat, grappling, bone breaking andneck snapping – whatever it takes to disable the enemies.
ONLINE GAMING for up to eight players with three unique modes for the Xbox360. Never before has the Condemned universe supported online action!
THE ARSENAL now totally expanded to include items taken straight fromthe environment. Tire irons, bricks, toilet seats, antlers, foos ball sticks, flaming 2x4s,mannequin arms and mop buckets just to name a few. Pick your punishment!
MASSIVE GUNPLAY made possible by powerful projectile-based weapons like thesub-gun, crossbow, shotgun, oozie, 9MM, and .45 caliber pistol.
OWN YOUR INVESTIGATION with an inventive approach to solving crime scenesnaturally sewn into the action. Players will be rewarded with unlockable weaponsand achievements along the way.
GRITTY REALISTIC ENVIRONMENTS with secondary objectives and multiple pathsolutions so that players NEVER get bored. Atmospheric elements and chillingambiance that will make every player cringe, EVERY TIME.
SMART AND DEVIOUS ENEMIES featuring highly realistic AI behavior… befriendthem and they might fight on your side.

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