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Tactical Action Has a New Look!

Long before the twilight of the samurai, Japan was ruled by powerful leaders hungry to unite the land under one banner. The samurai and ninja who defended their land and honor became legends!
The Skill System
The game’s new Skill System replaces the point-based system used in the original game. In Samurai Warriors 2 new moves and skills are now acquired by increasing in level, learning techniques from an enemy officer, or by purchasing them from the game’s Shop.

Aside from character-specific skills, Skills are divided into the categories of Ability, Growth, Battle, and Special. Unique skills are obtained through overall character growth.
Your character’s level will increase based on EXP points earned. The highest attainable level is level 50. Your Life meter, Musou gauge, Attack, and Defense all increase according to your level.

NEW! Special Stance and Attack
Omega Force has reworked the Samurai Warriors control scheme to include new attacks. Each character has two secret fighting techniques called Special attacks. Holding the R1 button (on PlayStation 2) or RB button (on Xbox 360™) places your character into a Special Stance. Pressing the Normal attack or Charge attack buttons will execute a Special attack. These attacks become more powerful as character level increases.

NEW! Triple Musou Gauge
For the first time in any “Warriors” game, you’ll earn up to three separate Musou gauges as your character develops. When one gauge becomes full, you can unleash a single Musou attack. Two or more filled Musou gauges will increase the power of your Musou attack.

Linked Charge Attacks
Linked Charge attacks are performed by pressing different combinations of the Normal and Charge Attack buttons. Your character will gain new attacktechniques as he or she grows. Check your character’s Move List to see newly acquired techniques and the proper button combinations.

Castle Warfare and Field Battles
Unlike the original, where castle battles occurred as separate stages, Samurai Warriors 2 incorporates castle warfare into field battles. Capturing those castles can influence your army’s morale. If you enter a castle, seek out the staircases that lead to the top floor.

Five Game Modes
There are 5 modes of play including the main “Story” mode and a “Free” mode which lets you play any cleared stages. Inside the “Vault” you can view all acquired weapons, items, guards, steeds, and in-game movies.

In “Survival” you’ll fight your way through an endless castle to see how many floors you can clear. The gold and experience points you accumulate in “Survival” will carry over into the game’s other modes.

NEW! Party Game “Sugoroku”
“Sugoroku” is a new board game for up to 4 players. The goal of Sugoroku is to move about the board and acquire three flags. When you return to your home base with the flags, you will be rewarded with gold and a promotion. If you land on a square that is not owned you can purchase that square. If you land on a square that is owned, you will have to pay a toll. After paying a toll you can fight for ownership of the square. The first player to earn the specified amount of gold wins.

* 26 playable characters in all! 10 new warriors are ready for battle including the legendary Musashi Miyamoto, the unifier of Japan Ieyasu Tokugawa, and the enigmatic ninja
Kotaro Fuma.

* Once forbidden secret techniques for each warrior are revealed! Set traps, summon ninja decoys, and more! Use powerful Linked Charge attacks and for the first time power
up to three Musou gauges!

* Now castle warfare blends seamlessly with field combat. Take control of castles on the battlefield to gain a significant morale advantage.

* Experience new tales in Story, Free, and Survival modes. Team up with friends for two-player Co-op play or compete with them at “Sugoroku,” a bonus party game for up to four

* Challenge an opponent in two-player Vs. play exclusively through Xbox Live®.

* Over 70 cinematic sequences supervised by Shinsuke Sato, director of the cult hit, “The Princess Blade” and new music from fusion artist Minoru Mukaiya.

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