When you love your community,

Bring gaming to your community event.

The HQ is now accepting reach-outs regarding fundraisers, school events, community gatherings, and more. If you have an event that could use some video game entertainment, giveaways, contests,& more, then  fill out our application to connect with our community manager about your event!

Apply for Gamers HQ to
visit your community event.


During our time at your event, we can setup giveaways for store credit, games, and more depending on the size of the event.


We come to your event equipped with multiple TV's, consoles, and games themed around your events theme.


If you're community is competitive, no problem. We can setup tournaments, contests, and mini games for your event.

We support community events, free.

Let us help spread awareness to your events.

At all the events Gamers HQ goes out to, we bring our gaming gear for your guests as well generate social media content of our experience at your event. Once the event is over, we create multiple clips and content for various social media platforms to bring awareness to our involvement and your event and brand.

Let your guests play the newest games.

We keep up with what's popular for your event.

We theme the game choices based on your event, and if there is no theme we bring what we know is great to play for guests or create our own along with mini-games, challenges, or even tournaments. 

Take home prizes from Gamers HQ

Guests receive store credit from the HQ.

Guests get store creit just for coming by our pop-up. We can also assist in handing out goodies for your event if there are even more rewards you’d like to give out from contests and gaming at our area.