The most expensive Xbox ever made – is Gucci.
The most expensive Xbox ever made - is Gucci.
gucci xbox

If you’ve longed for an Xbox console but really need to stand out, perhaps this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, haha. The Gucci Edition Xbox is an extremely rare and very expensive special edition console that’ll make any gamer drool with envy when they see it sitting on your shelf. It’s so expensive because it was only made in partnership with Italian fashion house Gucci.

The Gucci Xbox isnt much different. Its the same matte black color, but with a bright green “X” that lights up when turned on. In addition to the console itself, buyers receive two matte black controllers covered in faux diamonds (yes, for 10k you get fake diamonds), a pair of headphones with a matching design and an attachable camera that clips onto your shirt or pants pocket (or wherever else). The matte black is also completely covered in Gucci logos. It looks like it might peel if you ask me, but hey, I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend so what do I know?

The Xbox Series X Gucci Edition was first revealed in November of last year

The X Gucci Edition is the most expensive Xbox ever made. It’s a collaboration between Gucci and Microsoft, and it was first revealed in November of last year. The price tag for this model is $8,000 on eBay and $9,000 at auction houses Sotheby’s and Christie’s, and even up to $17,000 on some sold auctions, but its original price was about $10,000

This console is incredibly rare—only 100 were made available to purchase worldwide (and some of those were likely given away as prizes). That makes it one of the most sought-after pieces in gaming history—and that explains why it regularly sells for thousands of dollars on eBay, but to each their own.

The system completely sold out within moments

Now you’re probably wondering why this Xbox is sold out so quickly. Well, there are several factors that make it a desirable collector’s item—and one of them is its pedigree. As stated the console comes with a Gucci-branded controller and box art that features Gucci logos printed on every surface in sight, but It also comes with a limited edition controller adapter—which is made from 18k gold and encrusted with diamonds (Probably faux)—that allows players to plug their controllers into an Xbox One S or X without having to unplug anything after turning off the system.

The other reason your average gamer might be interested in this particular version of an Xbox? It’s because it was created by Gucci artist Jeremy Scott himself. So if you’re in awe over Gucci fashion, you might actually get a absolute kick out of this design.


Its super unlikely you’ll ever see one of these bad boys in the wild with only 100 in the world, however I wont deny that the idea of designer consoles is pretty awesome. If you had 10,000 to spare would you have bought a Gucci Xbox?


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