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Now you can trade your gaming consoles and games from anywhere in the US! The steps are super simple! Just fill out the form, we send the label, and get paid within 24 hours after your package is received!

Let's Trade

Once you hit submit, our trade manager will review your items and potentially ask a few other questions. You are free to attach images here to give us a view of the items to speed up the process. Please allow 24 hours for a response. ūüôā

Send us the Information

Fill out the form and we'll send you the free quote via email.

FREE Shipping

We'll send you over the shipping label via email! Just print, box, and send it.

Payment Within 24 Hours

Once your item makes it to us, we send over your payment within the first 24 hours of arrival.

Top value for your games and consoles.

We keep up with all the values to our trades, and are happy to ensure you get top dollar or store credit for almost any video game or console you are looking to trade. 

We send you the label!

Don’t worry about the cost to get it to us. We’ll pay for the shipping label! Once a quote is accepted, we’ll send you a shipping label via email to prepare for your trade-in from anywhere in the US!

Get Paid, FAST.

Once you have sent over trade items and we confirm their arrival we will send over your payment within the first 24 hours of the item being received for your convenience.

Disclaimer: for large items such as collections and consoles, or fragile items such as figures items will need to be insured for travel in case of issues during shipment. Additionally users must provide the quality and condition of the item for a proper quote. Defective or damaged items may result in alteration of quote. Defective items will not be shipped back on Gamers HQ behalf and shipping must be paid by the user to ensure it’s return.