Upcoming GamersHQ Changes – Leaderboards
Upcoming GamersHQ Changes - Leaderboards

With us getting in a new guy, and Gamers HQ getting ready to push into events again – It’s time to discuss a feature I hope you will all enjoy, the Leaderboards.

Leaderboards were an idea we always wanted to implement to host bragging rights for our best gamers, but not just with standard tournaments! With events, its a personal passion of mine to take components of a video game, and make mini games and challenges out of them.

For example, maybe it’s animal crossing and there is an arena or maze to get through and find treasure. Maybe its stardew valley, and racing down the mines, or mario time trials! Whatever the event may be, your score and placing will be put up onto a leaderboard digitally along with a total score from all events you’ve completed for all to see both in the lounge, and online to share with your friends.

In the meantime, be on the look out for Gamers HQ at other local events in the the Topeka Area for chances to win free store credit, as well the chance to test yourself with some great mini-games and activities!

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